Things female sports fans really hate

For female sports fans, some things can get rather annoying. Sometimes, it seems as if the sports world is a rather male-oriented environment, making some of the practices rather strange to a female sports fan. Of course, everything aside, the reason everyone is watching a game or following a sport is because they love it. Still, there are a few things here and there that female sports fans could probably do without.

The kiss cam

For many, this can be a hilarious opportunity, and all part of the sporting experience. However, for others, it seems a little weird being compelled to kiss the person next to you. If you’re a female, you’re not necessarily going to the game with a generally more interested male partner; you’re there for yourself. So when the kiss cam assumes the guy next to you is someone you’re with, things can get more than a little awkward. No, thank you.

Things female sports fans really hate

The Basketball and Baseball Wives shows

These sports wives’ shows are incredibly awkward for female sports fans to watch. If anything, they seem like a whole world away from the world of sports and fandom. You don’t need to watch the show to know it’s everything you don’t want it to be, just a clip or two is enough. Many female sports fans have felt that the show encourages an unhealthy stereotype of females in the sporting world. This stereotype has been said to foster unrealistic ideals for women across the board.

Having their seriousness questioned

Many women have come forward explaining how, during a game, or in the discussion, they have had their motives questioned when it comes to being a ‘real’ fan or not. There have been more than a tweet or two from people claiming that they believe most women watch sports for the attractive men playing, which in most cases just isn’t true. We’ve got to be honest, if the game is going well, the likelihood is the female sports fans aren’t watching the guy’s arms – their eyes are trained on the ball.

Being underestimated

Many women feel that, in the sports world, they’re often undermined and underestimated. If a female within the sports world doesn’t do her job well, it’s been said to have an impact on every female within the sporting industry. However, another issue arises in how a female looks. Many women have come forward explaining they have often had comments about how they got their job, and that they only qualified because they were considered attractive.

The issue surrounding pink jerseys

This is an issue among female sports fans and the rest of the community. Because pink has often not been considered a ‘serious’ color, many females have been mocked for wearing it to a game or as a team. Many have explained that pink could be a viable team color to break the mold of a male-orientated environment. However, other female sports fans have been fighting to be taken seriously, and find pink jerseys are often a massive setback.

Things female sports fans really hate

Female stereotypes in movies

Many female sports fans have explained that they’re not pleased with the lack of interesting female characters within sporting movies. If they are, then it’s been generalized that they’re often there as a mom, a villain, a wife, or some kind of seductress after money. There are certainly movies out there about women in sports, but they often seem less prevalent.

Women in sports is an ongoing topic. Many people feel that if we start forgetting these antiquated stereotypes, then we’re taking a step in the right direction.

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