Things you can leave behind when packing for vacation

Packing your luggage for a vacation can often be the most organized you’ll be all year. You will have to think about what you think you need, what you want, and what you just have to bring, before finding a way to fit it all into one bag. It’s pretty tricky to get in everything you need, and occasionally compromises have to be made, unless you just want to spend a ton of money buying extra allowance on your flight for a second case! These tips will help you if you are struggling to figure out what to leave behind, especially if you are braving carry-on only traveling.

Over-ear headphones

You’re going to be looking to save as much space as possible so it makes total sense that the first thing you leave out is one of the bulkiest items you could be bringing in the first place. Over-ear headphones are great for blocking outside noise and can often have a better sound quality than in-ear buds, but for the sake of a couple of weeks, you should bring the in-ear variety. They will save you so much room, and you can spend your time untangling the cord if you get bored!


You don’t need to pack any really, you’ll be able to get practically everything you need when you get to your destination. Yes, they have deodorant and toothpaste in other countries, so save yourself some room and get it when you get to your destination, then you can leave it behind, saving you space on your trip back too. You’ll save money by not having to buy flight approved sized toiletries, and you won’t get held up at security having to display all of your toiletries to the rest of the airport.

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