These hilarious breakup messages might be too harsh

These hilarious breakup messages might be too harsh

Breaking up is never pleasant, but the whole process can be made easier when the person ending the relationship treats their significant other with respect and takes their feelings into account. Every couple is different, though, so it’s practically impossible to give directions that are any more specific than these. However, while we can’t show anybody what to do, we can definitely demonstrate what *not* to do – because the people on this list have given us the perfect examples of how hilariously badly a breakup can be handled. From the person who created a playlist with song titles that spell out “I am kinda loving someone else but we can still be friends,” to another who simply messaged their partner “welcome to Dumpsville…. population YOU,” these men and women might have been the ones to end their relationship, but if anyone asks us, we think that the dumpees actually dodged a bullet here.

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Okay, we’re a bit torn with this one. On the one hand, the person moving to Australia without their partner probably could have broken up with them in another way. On the other hand, this cake does look pretty delicious.

Just FYI

If you’re trying to sweeten up a bad situation, then you might as well do it with actually sweet stuff, right? At least the person getting dumped can eat their feelings once the heartbreak well and truly sets in.

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