How to take better photos while traveling

With all the different types of social media available nowadays, it seems like we are always chasing that “perfect” photo to upload and share with the world. There is never a better time to take gorgeous photos than while traveling. The only question is, how can you take
that perfect photo? Here are some tips on improving your skills to help you on your way to becoming a real professional!

Some things to consider

Make sure you have enough storage space on your phone before the trip. The last thing you need is to run out of space before taking the perfect shot. Another good idea is to consider buying an external battery as taking photos will eat into your battery life very quickly. You can even switch your phone to flight mode to save on some valuable battery life!


The rule of thirds

Divide the picture into thirds. Some cameras have a grid that you can set it to and there are even apps available for downloading that will provide you with these grids. The aim of this is to place the key elements that you are trying to take a picture of into these thirds. It may sound odd, but it will help you to focus on what you are really trying to capture in your photo.

Don’t go for the cliché

Don’t try to take the same pictures you have seen all your friends take on social media. Try something unique, like incorporating different angles and using color to make the photo look interesting. If you love taking selfies, maybe stick to taking one or two but definitely leave the selfie stick at home. Instead try taking pictures of the locals, with their permission of course, or even some surreal pictures of the surrounding nature.

Keep still

The last thing you want is for the photo to come out blurry. Try holding as still as possible and really concentrate on what you are doing. Taking a good photo is not a race and you should use patience while taking them. Try taking a few breaths before taking the picture to calm yourself. Hold the phone or the camera with both hands to steady it even more but be careful not to hold your finger in front of the lens.

Bring landscapes into perspective

Try to incorporate something into the photo, like a rock or even a person, to show how large and vast the landscape is in comparison. It will definitely give your photo that “wow” factor that you are looking for. Take photos of landscapes during different times of the day, you might just find the right time of the day to really show off its beauty. Many people recommend taking pictures of landscapes early in the morning or when the sun sets as this creates shadows that will leave your photos looking stunning.


Leave the flash off

Taking pictures with the flash on will actually lower the quality of the photo. Instead, rather use the natural light in your favor, you will see that this will significantly improve your photos.

Be selective

Only share your best pictures on social media. You can perhaps even get advice on the photos from your closest friends before posting. This way you will definitely get those likes you deserve!

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