How to take advantage of a long layover

The worst part of going on vacation is almost always traveling. If you’re jetting off to the other side of the world, then you have to deal with flying and the hassle that comes with it. Long-haul trips usually involve having a layover somewhere which makes the traveling seem never ending. However, instead of moping around when you stop somewhere, try and make the most of your free time.

Take a nap

There’s not much to do on a plane, leaving you plenty of time to nap and let your body adjust to the changing time zone. However, anyone scared of flying isn’t going to consider sleeping while they’re thousands of feet in the air. That’s when the layover comes in handy. While you’re safely on the ground, find somewhere to get a few hours of shut-eye. Most airports have hotels nearby, and some have even started including specialized sleeping pods on location. When in doubt, nap it out.

How to take advantage of a long layover

Get your blood pumping

After all that time sitting down, it might be in your best interests to do a quick workout. Many airports these days have dedicated gyms and yoga studios where travelers can pop in and work up a sweat during their layover. You might not be in the mood to spend an hour in the gym, but your body will appreciate it. Just make sure to use the showers afterward.

Time to explore

When your layover is particularly long, you’ll probably benefit from leaving the airport and exploring what the surrounding city has to offer. The chances are that wherever you’ve stopped off is somewhere you’ve never been to before, so there’s plenty for you to see and do while you wait for your next flight. You might not want to wander too far in case you get lost, but that’s not a problem. Most airports are right in the city center, so there’s always something to do that’s only a few minutes away.

Go (window) shopping

We’re pretty sure some airports have more stores than most malls do. These establishments are set up with the intention of enticing bored fliers to spend their money. While you might not be willing to part with your cash before you’ve even reached your destination, there’s no harm in window shopping. You might surprise yourself with some of the goods you’ll encounter, especially if your layover is a long way from home. If nothing else, it will help you fill up a few hours of boredom.

How to take advantage of a long layover

Talk to people

Socializing with strangers might not be your idea of fun. However, if you’re flying alone and yearning for someone’s company, it might be worth your while making friends with one of your fellow travelers. If the two of you get along, you’ve made a connection with someone you’d never have otherwise met. If you don’t, then the beauty of socializing with people during a layover is that you never have to see them again. It’s a win-win situation.

The next time you’re bored during a long layover, remember there’s always something to do. These things will make the time pass in an instant.

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