How to support a friend through a breakup

Breakups can be the ultimate test of friendship for many. Our friends often need someone to be there by their side throughout it all, but just how do we support a friend through a breakup? Thankfully, there are many ways we can help them out the other side.

Ask what they need

Sometimes, the best way to find out how to help your friend through a breakup can be to ask them what they need. If they lived with their partner, then they might need some help moving all of their furniture. Plus, they could need somewhere to sleep for a few days while they recover or someone to watch a movie with to distract themselves.


Be there to listen

It’s likely our friends will want to find a way to get all their emotions out. That’s where we step in. Listening can often be as healing as offering our own advice. Just be sure to let your friend know if you need a little break from being their shoulder to cry on, so you don’t end up wearing yourself out, too.

Encourage them to be alone

This might sound strange, but breaking up with a partner means that we might need to spend some time on our own. It’s important that our friend learns how to live their life without someone constantly by their side while getting to enjoy all the things they’ve been meaning to for so long but never got the chance.

Offer practical help

It can be easy to tell your friend you’ll be there for them whenever they need you. However, offering up options, such as you can help them move their things or declutter their closet, could make it easier for your friend to ask for some help.

Make your home safe

Your friend might feel as though they are reminded by their ex-partner everywhere they go. That is until they come to your house and get to hang out with their friend. This could be the one place they feel safe while they are healing from the trauma, and it’s important they know they are welcome to feel comfortable.

Check in often

Perhaps you live far away from your friend, or you don’t get the chance to see each other every day? This doesn’t mean that you can’t be there for your friend. Sometimes, all it takes is a message or two to every day to check in that they are doing okay. However, you might need to learn to take the hint when your friend wants to be left alone.


Help them bounce back

There can be many ways that we bounce back from a breakup. Perhaps your friend wants to get a new haircut? Maybe they hope to clear out their closet and create a new look for themselves? Whatever the case, they might need the support of their friend to take the plunge and come out the other side of a breakup. Being by their side to support them through all their decisions can help them to bounce back.

Although it can often feel as though people will be together forever, sometimes the world has other ideas and people breakup. However, there are many ways that we can be there to support a friend through a breakup and get our old friend back to feeling more like themselves.

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