The story behind Dolly Parton’s tattoos and why she always wears long sleeves

Good golly Miss Dolly, what a life you’ve had! At 73 years old, the country singer is no spring chicken, but she continues to dominate the music scene like she’s the only one around. After more than 60 albums and 100 singles, she’s earned her place as one of the best-selling artists in history, and she shows no sign of slowing down. Only last year she provided the soundtrack for the coming-of-age movie Dumplin’, with one of her songs getting shortlisted for the 2019 Academy Awards. She’s still got it, not that she ever lost it.

With Dolly Parton as famous now as she’s ever been, she continues to be a source of great interest for the media. However, it’s not catfights or relationship drama that have people talking about her. No, it’s something that’s been hiding for a long time which her fans have been desperate to expose.

The rumors that Dolly is covered with tattoos has been going around for years, and the singer has done little to curb people’s curiosity. If she isn’t sporting loads of ink under her clothes, why does she never wear tops with short sleeves?

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Her image has always been an essential part of Dolly’s brand. From the big hair to her generous chest, there’s a lot of characteristics that have become synonymous with Parton. However, one thing she isn’t generally known for is tattoos.

Could that be the reason she’s hiding them beneath her sleeves? Or, is there really no ink under her clothes?

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