What are stiletto nails and how to get them

In a beauty and appearance conscious world, anything that can be made to look more appealing is being worked on, and nails have not been left behind. Keeping your nails short and clean is just not enough anymore, at least not when you’re looking to get all glammed up. From fancy nail polishes to fake nails, there’s so much to be offered in the world of nail art.

There’s a host of shapes to choose from, not just the common round or square shapes. Almond, square, oval, pointed, these are just some of the available nails shapes one can rock. With the many shapes, designs and decorations available, choosing just how to get your manicure done can be a little overwhelming. In this article, we’ll look closely at stiletto nails and how you can get them for yourself.

What are stiletto nails and how to get them

Shapewise, stiletto nails are pointed. They start off wide at the base, then taper into a sharp point, just as in the case of stiletto heels. Stiletto nails are not to be confused with almond nails which even though tapered come to a rounded, not pointy end. Almond nails are also shorter and much more practical.
Here are some ways to get stiletto nails:

Filing or sculpting natural nails.

Natural nails can be filed to give them a tapered look with a thin, sharp point. To achieve this, the nails have to be long, otherwise the result will not be as striking as stiletto nails are supposed to be.

Adding fake nails.

Adding fake stiletto nails to the tips of your natural nails is another way to rock these attention-grabbing nails. Fake stiletto nails can be applied in either of these ways;

Acrylic stiletto nails

a combination of a powder polymer and a liquid monomer is applied to the natural nails. When the fake nail is placed on the natural nail, this mixture creates a hard protective layer between them while holding them together. They harden after exposure to air. After attaching the fake nails, you can then choose how to embellish them further, either with nail polish or nail art.

Press-on stiletto nails

This is a pretty simple way to acquire stiletto nails. All it requires is peeling off the plastic at the back of store-bought nails then sticking them to your natural nails. This comes in handy when you need to get all glammed up for a special occasion but don’t want to keep the nails on afterwards.Here, super glue is used to attach the fake nails to the natural ones.

What are stiletto nails and how to get them

Glued-on stiletto nails

These ones last longer than the press-ons. Super glue is used to attach the fake stiletto nails to the natural ones. Precision is required here to ensure that one does not put on too much super glue on the nails as it will spill over. They also take a bit longer to put on as you’ll be required to hold onto the nail until it’s hard enough to stay put. There’s a variety of colors available for stiletto nails, alongside nail art. They’re definitely one of the most impressive nail designs and can highly complement any look.

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