Stepdad pulls funds for his stepdaughter’s wedding because she invited her birth father

Stepdad pulls funds for stepdaughter’s wedding after she invites birth dad

One stepdad had become like a father to his stepdaughter and really threw himself into family life. After helping to raise his partner’s child over the past ten years, he had to put his foot down over her and her mother’s wedding plans to invite the girl’s birth father.

[post_page_title]Entering the family home[/post_page_title]

One user of the social commentary site Reddit shared a post to the subreddit r/offmychest. The user with the name godzilla_moon had something he needed to say about his stepdaughter and her mother. The guy began his post by announcing that his stepdaughter was getting married soon. Naturally, she was excited about the big life event.

Entering the family home

So too was her mother, they had been planning the ceremony for six months already. The guy making the post said that although he and his girlfriend were not married, they had been living together for the past ten years. He felt that long commitment had made him one of the family and that meant he could put his foot down from time to time.

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