Spruce up your home with these simple hacks

At one time or another, we have all looked around our homes, and thought that it could do with a little bit of refreshing. Maybe there are some new trends you have seen on the latest episode of your favorite home improvement show. Or, maybe you just want to mix things up, and try out some entirely new style aesthetics. There are a ton of simple things you can do, that will immediately makeover your home, and put a smile on your face.

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A Wall Makeover

Accent walls have been around for awhile, and a dramatic shade of red or blue can immediately add a pop of color, to a living room or a bedroom. But, there is a new trend that is both easy to do, and a lot less permanent than paint. Decals are the latest in wall decor. As is stick-on wallpaper. You can purchase gold dots, or black triangles, and create a geometric pattern on your wall. If you don’t want to work with shapes, you can also go for designs with a floral motif, or a seaside one. There is truly something for everyone’s taste. Another option, if you want something that is a pattern that will cover the entire accent wall, is wallpaper. You can select a marbled one, or one with an old country estate feel, or anything else that catches your fancy. The best part, is that both decals, and this wallpaper comes off just as easily as it goes on. That means you can change your accent wall on a regular basis.

New Curtains

Curtains really tie a room together. They need to reflect the style aesthetic of your room though. If you have an all-white theme going on in terms of furniture, carpet, and wall color, then you might want a pop of color. You should choose some curtains that reflect another color being used in the house, to tie everything together. Then, you can add some accent pieces in a similar color. For example, lime green curtains, an accent chair, and some plants will really make a living room shine. It will create a room with a 70s vibe, that also has a bit of a timeless feel to it.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Area Rugs

A dining room, living room, or bedroom can benefit from a truly unique area rug. These large rugs can come in muted earth tones, loud patterns, or classic Persian styles. If you are going for that boho chic look, then the addition of a rug with Navajo patterns on it, might be just the thing your room needs. If you have a dining room, which looks a bit bland, then a rug in a colorful pattern might work as an art piece for you to walk on, and gaze down at as you make the way to the table for dinner. It’s all about adding that pop of color, but in a stylish way.

Cluster Framing

While most of us keep all of our photos carefully curated on our Instagrams, or in our smartphones, it might just be time to print physical copies of your favorites. You can go for the classic black and white look, or intersperse them with color photos for a collage-like look. Then, you need to find some frames in which to place your photos. For those on a budget, you can check out garage sales, and thrift shops for some unique frames. Then, arrange them in a pattern you like, and hang them on a wall of their own, or above your couch to showcase your life, and all of your special memories.

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