Where you should splurge on a five-star hotel, and where you shouldn’t

Our budgets don’t always match our tastes. Many of us have an appetite for the finer things in life but seriously lack the budget. But does a more modest budget really mean that we can’t experience some of life’s great luxuries? Five-star hotels are considered to be one of the most lavish experiences to spend good money on. And while all five-star hotels will be loaded with sheer luxury and opulence, not all of them are priced the same. Here is a guide to where you should splurge on a five-star hotel, and where you shouldn’t.

Finding places to not spend money on hotels is really easy. Basically, most tourist hot spots will be overpriced. Steering clear of these places and choosing somewhere a little less known will save us oodles of money and could just be a better vacation overall. Here’s our top pick for the most affordable five-star hotels around the world.

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The Phoenix Hotel – Yogyakarta, Indonesia – $53

Located on the Java island of Indonesia is the immaculate Phoenix Hotel. Loaded with traditional Indonesian splendour, this hotel has blended in the perfect amount of western culture, just enough for us to feel at home. While there’s plenty to do at the hotel itself, the town of Yogyakarta is loaded with interesting activities. Come prepared for the heat and humidity because the weather stays fairly constant all year round.

Sultan Gardens Resort – Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt – $47

Feel like royalty for under $50 at the Sultan Gardens Resort in Egypt. Take in the breathtaking views of this quaint coastal town from the hotel balconies. The impeccable food and service are guaranteed to transport any visitor to a state of relaxation. Choose the time to visit carefully. The summer months are scorching hot. Fortunately, the hotel has several immaculate pools and is situated a stone’s throw from the gorgeous beach.

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Kavalier Hotel – Lviv, Ukraine – $41

Who knew that this much luxury could cost so little? The Kavalier Hotel is a shining beacon of opulence amongst the hills of Ukraine. The city of Lviv has been voted as one of the most affordable cities to live in, so an extended stay is advised to take in all the beauty that Ukraine has to offer. While the winter months are pretty cold and the area is loaded with snow, the summer months are warm, yet crisp, allowing for a variety of outdoor activities to take place.

The Gorky Hotel – Esto Sadok (Sochi), Russia – $38

Coming in at our number one spot is The Gorky Hotel in Russia. This hotel is home to stylish, minimalistic rooms containing all the luxury we would expect from a five-star establishment, but at a fraction of the price. Superbly crafted meals of all sorts are available at the restaurant on the premises. While the hotel is renowned for its location to the amazing ski slopes, there is also plenty to do during the warmer off-peak months.

As we can see, it is possible to enjoy some of life’s greatest luxuries at a fraction of the price, if we know where to look. Being flexible with where we want to travel to and when can afford us the most incredible opportunities that would usually only be reserved for the elite of society.

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