Some of the most expensive divorces in history

Some of the most expensive divorces in history

With fame and celebrity comes large and overstated weddings. Naturally, that’s not always the case, but once those relationships break down, things can sometimes get a bit messy. Here are some seriously expensive divorces.

[post_page_title]Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison[/post_page_title]

Ford and Mathison met on the set of the movie “Apocalypse Now” back in 1979 and hit it off, getting married on March 14, 1983. They were together for 17 years, eventually getting divorced on January 6, 2004. It took four years to go through after they separated in 2000.

Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison

The rumors were, Harrison Ford was seeing younger women which contributed to their eventual breakup. The settlement worked out to be between $85 million and $118 million. Harrison Ford’s net worth is estimated at $230 million, making it quite a dent.

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