This man’s ex wouldn’t let him break the lease, so he got payback

This man’s ex wouldn’t let him break the lease, so he got payback

If you live with your partner and then break up, things can get pretty messy. Not only do you have to go through the awkwardness of your relationship coming to an end, but you then have to cope with moving out, finding somewhere new to live, and exchanging your personal possessions with someone you used to care for. Sometimes this can be amicable, while other times it can be tense. When one man’s ex told him that he couldn’t break the lease, he knew he had to do something.

[post_page_title]Struggling through it all[/post_page_title]

If you’ve ever been through a breakup, you’ll know that it’s extremely painful. No matter if you’re the dumper or the dumpee, it’s still hard to say goodbye to someone who has meant so much to you in the past. However, things get even more difficult if you live with that person.

Struggling through it all

Living together is a huge step in any relationship, and making your way down from that step can be upsetting and awkward. Of course, you often have to look past your emotions to deal with the practicality of this kind of situation. You have to make sure that you have somewhere to live, you have to make sure that you’re not breaking your lease, and you have to make sure that bills are paid. Unfortunately, this man’s ex didn’t quite get that memo.

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