Smart Cheaters Who Deserve A+ For Creativity

A bathroom break

Whether it’s a test at school, college, or at your place of work, there’s never going to be a test that anyone enjoys. No matter how hard you try and revise for these tests, the information that you hope will stay in your brain throughout the duration of the test seems to mysteriously vanish when the time comes – and this leaves people feeling a little lost. While some people have simply accepted their fate, it seems as though these cheaters just couldn’t give up. So, they devised this cheating hacks that deserve an A+ just for creativity.

[post_page_title]A bathroom break[/post_page_title]

While most tests are undertaken in strict, lockdown environments – your teachers can’t stop you from going to the bathroom, right? After all, they probably don’t want you to make a mess of their chairs.

A bathroom break

It seems as though all of the people who used this bathroom decided to chip in together to make their test easier, and all they needed to do was write a few pointers on sticky notes. Then, they just needed to make sure that they didn’t all go to the bathroom at the same time. What a genius idea.

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