Ski vs. Snowboard: Once and for all, which one is better

Anyone who vacations on snowy slopes has, at one stage or another, decided between using a set of skis or opting for a snowboard. For years there has been a battle for supremacy on the slopes between skiers and snowboarders, but we want to know which is better. So we’re comparing the two and deciding which one is better.


There is a mentality on the slopes that many snow sports fans are familiar with. Skiing is easier for beginners to learn, but harder than snowboarding to master. When it comes to beginners on either skis or snowboards, there is one clear favorite. Skiing is the sport that a total novice can begin to feel rewarded from after a day or two, snowboarding, on the other hand, takes a lot longer to learn.

Your first days, and possibly week, on the snow will be nothing more than you falling over a lot on a snowboard. Having two feet strapped to the board for beginners means they fall over a lot more than they would on skis. At least with skis, your two feet are separate, which means if one is slipping you can adjust it. On a board, if you begin to lose your balance you’re falling over.



While snowboarding might take longer to get to grips with, once you understand the basics, you can quickly master it. Skiing, on the other hand, is the opposite. There are more levels to learning to ski, and once you progress beyond the snowplow stage, you have to learn all about parallel skiing. Turns are different, and preventing your skis from crossing becomes a constant battle.


There are some day to day issues with skiing and snowboarding that contribute to how good they are compared to the other. If you’re on the slopes then using a ski lift is much easier wearing skis than a snowboard.

Plus, getting across the flats means you can push yourself along on skis, while on a snowboard at the very least you’ll have to take one foot out. However, ski boots are very uncomfortable and almost impossible to walk in when you’re off the slopes. In comparison, snowboarding boots are much softer and more comfortable to walk in.

Off piste

When you feel as though you’ve mastered the lovely slopes, many snowsports lovers feel as though it’s time to go off piste. Riding along in the powdery snow is much much easier on a snowboard, and it isn’t really that different from the slopes.

Skiing on powder snow is much harder, and it’s like going back to beginner class all over again. Falling over is going to happen on your skis, and you’ll end up having to dig yourself out of the snow a lot when on skis.


Popularity stakes

Skiing is much more popular than snowboarding. Perhaps people don’t want to spend their snowy vacation falling over all the time, so they choose skiing because they know they’ll be on the slopes in no time. You’ll see way more people on the slopes skiing, so there’s no doubt about which sport is the most popular.

The great thing about these snowsports is that they are so different there’s no need to compare them. If you’re looking for speed, then skiing is the sport for you, but if you want to take things a little slower and find more jumps then pick snowboarding.

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