Simple ways to live a better and healthier life

It’s what we all strive for – a life filled with happiness, peace, and health. You might catch yourself thinking, “Well, what if life were different – even better?” You might consider completely uprooting your life, trying a new approach, and then quickly realizing that the idea isn’t practical. But a better life doesn’t require a complete restructuring, just a few small decisions and commitments.

Simple ways to live a better and healthier life

Eat right

The age-old saying “You are what you eat” holds more water than many people realize. The research is endless as to how a person’s diet affects their health and well-being. It’s not just about losing pounds. Eating healthily affects your mood, your productivity, and improves longevity.

The simplest way to eat well is to have a balanced diet. Each meal should consist of one-quarter carbohydrates, one-quarter proteins and half vegetables or fruit (altogether fitting on one plate). Following this simple method should provide all the nutrients you need and still allow you to have enjoyable meals. Also, try to get your daily requirement of eight glasses of water per day.

Spend time outdoors

It sounds rather like flower-child speak, but our bodies are invariably linked with the sun. Scientific research has shown that spending time in the sun is very important for health and well-being. The sun is an important source of vitamin D, it helps regulate your sleep cycle, and it improves your mood. Only 15 minutes of sunlight is required per day and this can be coupled with exercising or spending time with friends outdoors.

Schedule time to be social

Humans are social creatures. We interact and rely on each other on a daily basis. But if you want a better lifestyle, you need to make time to enjoy social activities. Everyone has a story of a friend or person that changed a dreary day into one of the most enjoyable memories.
It can sometimes be difficult to see friends because of everyone’s busy lives so literally put it in your schedule.

Learn something new

In order to avoid the feeling of being in a rut, it’s a good idea to learn something new on a regular basis. Find something you enjoy and spend just a few minutes a day practicing it. It will give you something to look forward to and give you a sense of constant renewal.

Simple Exercise

Many people dread the thought of exercise because of the amount of energy it supposedly drains and how it might hurt the next morning. But living a healthy life doesn’t require you to be a super-athlete. Actually, all that’s required is 30 minutes of moderate exercise each day. As an example, a 30-minute brisk walk is enough to produce major health benefits. Exercise also helps to get your mind off of stressful things and releases positive mood chemicals in the brain.

Simple ways to live a better and healthier life

Be mindful

It’s easy to lose connection with yourself and people around you if you’re always busy. But if you make time to be mindful of what’s going on around you, you may just develop a better appreciation for life. One of the techniques many people use is to have a gratitude jar. Simply write down one thing you’re grateful for that day and put it in the jar. Read the notes once a month or once a year just to remind yourself how great life really is.

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