Hilarious photos of people who didn’t exactly get the results they expected

[post_page_title]All in the details[/post_page_title]

A house is not a home without putting your own personal touches to it. This can often take years to do and is normally all in the details. It’s the little trinkets from your travels that take it to the next level. It’s the rugs on the floor that make it all cozy. It’s the fitted wardrobes that make it truly something special, and it’s the extra storage that allows you to move in and stake your place.

All in the details

Of course, you have to make sure that this storage not only works in theory but also works in reality. Whoever owns this house obviously didn’t think this quirky corner storage space through, because it just doesn’t work. I mean, it looks good, until you decide to get something out of the drawer. This is awkward.

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