Seven reasons why fiber is important

Eating well is one of the main aspects of leading a healthy lifestyle. The food you eat affects a lot of things within your body, and even plays a central role in your emotions and feelings. Healthy eating can save you from a lot of diseases and conditions such as obesity. There are a lot of nutrients that are essential to your health. One of these important nutrients is fiber. So why is eating fiber so important?

1. Fiber regulates blood sugar levels

Fiber slows down the rate at which sugars are absorbed into your bloodstream. This means that after indulging in fiber heavy foods, energy from the food consumed is released at a much slower rate. This is effective in preventing glucose spikes which can give you a short burst of energy and then leave you feeling tired and hungry in no time.

2. Fiber helps control cholesterol levels

Including fiber in your diet can help regulate cholesterol levels. Soluble fiber from foods like beans and oats is responsible for lowering cholesterol levels by reducing the density of lipoprotein.

3. Fiber help regulate weight

Eating fiber on a regular basis will help keep your weight in check in the long run. A study that was done at Georgia State University on mice showed that mice that were on a diet that lacked fiber had more body fat than those who were on a diet that included fiber. On top of this, it was observed that mice that had fiber in their diet resisted fat gain, even when put on a high-fat diet.

Seven reasons why fiber is important

4. Fiber cleans your colon

Fiber acts as a brush, cleaning your colon as the fiber passes through the organ. This scrubbing effect cleans out bacteria along with other nasty build ups in your intestines.

5. Fiber gives you stronger bones

Fiber gives you healthier and stronger bones. It has been found that soluble fiber from foods like oats and soybeans promotes the bioavailability of calcium in the foods that you eat. This leads to stronger bones.

6. Fiber helps prevent certain types of cancer.

Chances of suffering from cancer are greatly reduced by the consumption of fiber. According to a study that was published in the Annals of Oncology, every ten grams of fiber that one consumes reduces the risks of being diagnosed with colorectal cancer by 10%, and reduces the risk of breast cancer by 5% in woman.

Seven reasons why fiber is important

7. Fiber regulates bowel movements

Fiber is big on preventing constipation. Dietary fiber makes the body’s waste healthier and easier to move through the intestines, thereby decreasing the chances of constipation.

There you go folks, these reasons prove why it is important to make sure that your diet is rich in fiber.

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