Sally Fields finally confesses this secret about Burt Reynolds after 40 years

Sometimes we come across people who leave a lasting impression on our lives. You might only spend a few days together, or you might spend a few decades together. The quality of your relationship is not determined by the length of time you spend with this person, but rather the connection you have. Although things weren’t meant to be for Burt Reynolds and Sally Field, neither of them could deny the electricity between them. Now that Burt has sadly passed away, Sally has finally unleashed a secret about the actor that she has kept under wraps for 40 years.

The man himself

[post_page_title]The man himself[/post_page_title]

Burt Reynolds will forever be remembered for his place in the world of Hollywood, but he didn’t always have dreams of having his name in lights. While growing up in Florida, Burt excelled in sport.

The man himself

He was especially talented on the football field and was even offered a full football scholarship. It seemed as though he was on the course to success, but injury soon stopped him in his tracks. His sports career came to an end, and he instead decided to focus on something new. This was the beginning of his acting career.

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