Riding the train every day can be perfect for reflection

Life can get so busy sometimes that you might feel like you don’t get a second to yourself to just breathe and reflect on life in general. Stepping away from the busyness of life to just catch your breath can be so beneficial for your overall health and wellbeing. Doing this is not so easy sometimes as the days feel so short and there’s never enough time. Have you considered that maybe the perfect time for reflection is during your commute on the train? What’s great is that you don’t even need to try and find the time, it’s just a part of your day, which you could use more effectively.

Riding the train every day can be perfect for reflection

Let the motion of the train lull you

Whether your commute is long or short, you can still use this opportunity to reflect on your day. Long train rides could be compared to a walk on the beach when it comes to the feeling of freedom you get and the time for reflection that it presents. There’s something about the monotonous sound of the train moving that is soothing in itself, and let’s not forget the landscapes that you can take in. There’s no doubt that the train is one of the best places to think and process things that you would otherwise not have time to. When you’re going through a crisis and need to find a solution or need some breathing space, take the time on the train to do just that. If you’re feeling stressed, use this alone time to think of ways to minimize your stress or ways to better handle stress.

Reflections in different forms

Many journal posts have been captured, many tears cried, and much emotional healing has happened on trains. You can reminisce on past experiences, think about loves lost and present loves, about happy times, or you can even process past hurts and pain. People underestimate how this time that you choose to invest in yourself can really benefit you. Even if the train is full, you can still escape to a place in your mind that it’s just you and your thoughts. You can close your eyes, put your earphones in, and listen to your favorite songs as you reflect on either the day ahead or the day you’ve had. These moments can both motivate you to face the day and help you unwind from your workday.

Riding the train every day can be perfect for reflection

Enjoy the journey

It’s been said many times that life is a journey and we make of it what we choose. The fact that it’s described as a journey implies that it’s in constant motion, it’s always moving, much like a train ride. We face hills and go through valleys, but it’s how we face the everyday journey of life that determines if the journey is a happy one or not.

You may have looked at your daily train ride as an unavoidable and mundane part of your day before, but we hope that after reading this you realize just how good it can be for you. All you need to do is take advantage of this time to dig deep and reflect on your life and everything in it. These moments are not just precious, but valuable for your soul, and can help you navigate life being more in touch with yourself. Grab your ticket and enjoy the ride!

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