Most popular ethnic foods from around the world

One of the greatest benefits of living in a multicultural society is the number of different types of food that are available to us. While we might not be able to replicate these cuisines in our own kitchens, there are plenty of restaurants and take-outs that are happy to take our money in exchange for their delicious food. Lots of people eat out at least once a month, and these are the most popular ethnic food places the public like to visit. Is your favorite cuisine the same as everyone else?


It will probably come as little shock that Chinese cuisine features right at the top of the list of ethnic foods loved by Americans. It was really popularized in the ’80s and has become so popular it barely feels like an ethnic food anymore. Chinese food offers a blend of spice, sweet, and tangy flavors with either noodles or rice to make sure you are pretty full up by the time you’ve finished eating your meal. What once felt like a special treat has now become an everyday meal that is as popular as it has ever been.

Most popular ethnic foods from around the world


You can’t really go wrong by eating a Mexican meal. You are going to be pretty full up, and of course, it’s delicious too. Thanks to the carbs, Mexican food is a comforting meal made exciting thanks to the spicy nature of the cuisine. The fact that Mexico borders the US has helped spread this cuisine across the country quickly, especially in comparison to the rest of the world. Mexican food is growing in popularity in other parts of the world, but slowly. Whereas in the US it is a pretty established part of our diet.


Although you might eat Italian food several times a week, it is technically an ethnic cuisine. After all, it comes from Italy, not America! With a focus on fresh ingredients, Italian food can be some of the healthiest, but it can also be pretty unhealthy too. Things like pizza and macaroni cheese are obviously delicious, but perhaps are responsible for clogging our arteries a little. Not that we are complaining, Italian food is amazing, and it’s totally understandable why it is so popular not only in America but practically everywhere in the world.

Most popular ethnic foods from around the world


Japanese food is fast becoming a go-to for many people. While it might lack the accessibility that Italian, or Mexican food offers, it makes up for it in taste. Japanese cuisine proves that sometimes good things do come in small packages and the focus is often more on the flavor than just filling our bellies. Take sushi, it is mostly bite-sized chunks of food that can be shared out among friends, making it an incredibly social experience. It is often a little more expensive than other cuisines, so it’s more of an occasional treat than an everyday meal.

These are the most popular ethnic cuisines in the US today. If you head to where most of the restaurants are in your town or city, there is a good chance you’ll see several restaurants of each cuisine, making it pretty tricky to figure out where to go for dinner. If only we could be more decisive, but then again, why not just have a bit of everything?!

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