The plants you should get in every room in your home

House plants can quickly breathe life into our homes, but would you believe there are plants that you should get in every room in your home? That’s right; these houseplants might have more of an effect on our life than we once thought.

Kitchen: herbs

Many of us love to cook up meals, and having fresh herbs on hand can often make us feel like the next Gordon Ramsay. Rosemary does well on sunny windowsills while basil and mint can have refreshing scents as well as come in helpful for our recipes. The best bit? You’ll be able to keep them trimmed by pulling off a sprig or two as you need.

Kitchen: herbs

Living room: peace lily

Here is a plant that is sure to make an impression on your room: peace lilies. They are known for being easy to look after and making a dramatic statement thanks to their large flower and glossy leaves. As well as growing incredibly tall, these plants also do well with little light meaning they can sit in the middle of rooms without too much worry.

Dining room: bamboo

Believe it or not, but bamboo can actually be very easy to look after. All you need is some distilled water and a few pebbles to gor this plant. The best bit? Bamboo comes in so many varieties as they grow twisted or straight. To top it off, they grow in most light conditions and don’t have the mess of wilting flowers.

Bathroom: ferns

High humidity and low light – not a combination that most plants crave. However, ferns thrive in tropical forests meaning they are perfect for the damper and darker conditions of the bathroom. It can be tough to find ways to brighten up our bathrooms, but adding in a fern could help to add some life without a lot of maintenance to keep it happy.

Bedroom: French lavender

Lavender has been used in many home remedies for years as the scent alone is enough to help us feel calm and at peace. This can make it the perfect addition to many homes. French lavender is one of the best options to keep in the house. Just make sure it has plenty of sun and water, and it might not be long before you’re reaping the benefits of your new plant.

Home office: snake plant

Incredibly, houseplants can help to improve our attention span as well as prevent fatigue – certainly two things many of us need while trying to work in our home office. As well as their other benefits, snake plants can also grow into lush plants making them a brilliant natural screen to block out any distractions while we try to work.

Home office: snake plant

Sunroom: aloe vera

Sunrooms can be the ideal place for many plants thanks to the amount of light entering the room. Thankfully, aloe vera can thrive here and gives us some incredible benefits. The plants can be used for many things, such as moisturizers, hair masks, and in meals, while aloe vera also purifies the air in our home. It seems as though there’s nothing it can’t do.

Many of us love plants. The best bit? It looks as though we could soon take our passion for some greenery one step further by filling every room with plants – and reaping all the benefits, too.

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