People call out bride who says she sold her house for this ‘ugly’ purple ring

People call out bride who ‘sold her house’ for strange looking purple ring

What is happiness in this life? Is it the shiniest, most colorful, most expensive looking jewelry you can find? It seems that’s what this bride cares about more than anything… unless, of course, the whole thing was a hoax…

[post_page_title]Three months salary [/post_page_title]

Engagement rings can cost a ridiculous amount, and people can go a bit overboard with how much they spend on their stone. People who fall into the ‘wealthy’ category usually don’t have a hard time trying to afford the ring. However, if you aren’t in that group, you may struggle a little.

Three months salary

Traditionally, people spend roughly three months’ salary on this statement of love. One couple in Carolina didn’t listen to tradition, and instead of saving, they allegedly decided to sell their house to afford one of the rarest diamond rings ever.

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