When is it okay to invite your partner to meet your parents?

Entering into a new relationship is always an exciting time. It’s great having someone that you can share every aspect of your life with, no matter how emotional or intimate it is. However, while new relationships are great, they also come with plenty of hurdles. One of the most notable is introducing your partner to your parents. When should you do it? Do you get it over with quickly like pulling a bandaid, or do you wait until you’re certain your partner is the one for you?

When is it okay to invite your partner to meet your parents?

Uncomfortable introductions

A lot of people dread asking their partner to meet their parents. If you’re embarrassed by your family or know they might not agree with your choice of lover, then you obviously have a genuine reason to be worried. After all, the last thing you want is to bring these important people in your life together and have them not get along. You don’t want to be forced to choose between your parents and your partner, because there is no right answer in that situation.

However, if you ever want to take your relationship to the next level, you’ll probably want to ensure they’ve at least met each other. You can’t have your wedding be the first time they set eyes on each other because that’s only going to make things more awkward. So, is it better to do it sooner or later?

Give it a little time

According to dating expert April Masini, it’s best to wait a little while before making the introductions. She suggests you should do it after you’ve been together for at least six months. Why? Well, because that gives you enough time to learn what you need to know about your partner. By that point, you’ll be pretty confident whether your relationship has the potential to go the distance, so you won’t waste your time by having them meet your parents.

Apparently, the first few months of your relationship should be dedicated to becoming familiar with your partner. Once you know them well enough, you should then take time evaluating if you want to devote yourselves to them or not. If the answer’s no, then you should probably ditch your partner and go back to square one. There’s no point in introducing your parents to someone you can’t imagine having a future with.

When is it okay to invite your partner to meet your parents?

No-one’s the same

Of course, everybody’s different. There will no doubt be certain circumstances where it’s not necessary to wait as long as six months to introduce your partner to your parents. For instance, if you’ve met their parents already then returning the favor might not be such a bad idea.

If they’ve introduced you to their mom and dad, then that probably means they think your relationship is worth taking to the next level. If you feel the same way, there’s no reason you should wait until six months have passed to let them meet your family. There’s no time like the present!

The important thing is not to stress when it comes to having your parents meet your partner. Don’t force yourself into anything – wait until you’re comfortable, then go for it.

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