How often should you cut your hair?

A fresh cut is the icing on the cake for any new outfit. It always feels great to get a fresh cut, and feel clean and refined. But just how often should you really be cutting your hair? Aside from personal preference, there are a handful of other factors to consider when you are deciding when to get a haircut. Let’s take a look.

The difference between a cut and a trim

Of course, people use the term hair “cut” interchangeably with “trim.” However, there’s a distinct yet subtle difference. The goal of getting a haircut is generally to adopt a completely new style and makeover of your hair. This can be as grand and noticeable as going from a ponytail to a buzzcut. In the case of a trim, however, you might not notice at all. A trim is simply the removal of the untidy ends of your hair, in order to maintain its health and style.


Most people get a trim anywhere from every couple of weeks, to every couple of months, depending on the type of hair they have. Longer hair needs less trimming, but shorter, higher maintenance hairstyles require more trimming in order to maintain health and prevent split ends. A good barber or hairstylist knows the difference between a cut and a trim and reflects that in the price.

How often should you cut your hair?

With haircuts, on the other hand, that is entirely dependent on your personal preference. If you’re a person who’s adventurous and craves frequent change, you might be looking for a new haircut every couple of months depending on growing speed. But some people, on the other hand, might only change their style with a different cut every few years.

Short Hair

Shorter hairstyles, like crops and short bobs, are harder and more expensive to maintain. Keeping a short cut a short cut is deceivingly not as simple as it looks. Yes, shorter hair is a lot easier to manage and requires less work getting out of bed, but the upkeep necessary for the styles really bring things into balance. In general, people with short hairstyles need a trim about every four to six weeks. I don’t know about you, but that seems like a lot of trips to the barber shop.

Medium and long hair

With the seemingly endless number of styles and the pictures of long-haired models with their hair billowing in the wind, it is easy to forget the amount of maintenance required. When your hair is this length, getting a trim is extra important to prevent frizzy split ends and breakage. So you’re going to want to go in for the trim about every six to eight weeks, or you can wait a little more time if you’re trying to grow your hair even longer.

How often should you cut your hair?

Determinant Factors

It might actually surprise you to know that age is not a sizeable determining factor when it comes to how often you make a stop at the stylist. Although in different phases of your life there might be a burst of growth, or periods of stagnation that come with age, it’s not a major determinant in the rate of hair growth. When it comes to how often you should cut your hair, the main determinants include things such as diet, prescribed medications, stress levels, and exercise.

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