The new hobbies that you should embrace

From how we communicate, to how we work, to how we prepare a meal, many of the things we take for granted are constantly changing in new and exciting ways. Despite modern conveniences making our lives easier and more fun, we still like having enough personal time to relax and enjoy our favorite activities at the end of the day. However, even the way we approach our hobbies is changing too! Here are several innovative and technologically marvelous new hobbies you should embrace today.

Drone tourism

Always wanted to explore and discover all the hidden nooks and secret treasures of other countries, but never had the time to book a ticket, buy a camera, and travel there in person? Thanks to drones — small helicopter-like robots with attached cameras — you can now see the Leaning Tower of Pisa from the perfect angle, or hover through the Grand Canyon to admire those previously hidden majestic views. Best of all, tourism companies will allow you to control their drones from anywhere in the world, right from your own computer. You can navigate several popular tourist meccas around the globe for hours, taking pictures and recording videos of your adventures…without even getting up from your chair at home!


Making music

In the past, if you wanted to demonstrate your songwriting talents or join a band, you needed at bare minimum an instrument (and likely also sequencers, synths, mixers, and an audience that didn’t mind you wailing in the garage). It’s definitely a heavy investment many people simply can’t afford. Instead, why not create music on your own computer? Software exists that allows you to pick from a digital library of existing chords and notes for almost every possible instrument, and put them together to create your own masterpiece. Whether your knowledge of musical theory is at Mozart’s level, or you can only slightly hum along to your favorite songs, you should try expressing your composing savoir-faire one keystroke and one mouse click at a time.

Enjoy a book

Way back in the day, when people wanted to learn or delve into the realms of imagination, they had to use arcane devices known as books. These were sheathes of paper wrapped up in leather, with printed words on each page, that could vary in size from modestly large to overwhelmingly gargantuan. Of course, it doesn’t take much imagination to realize that most of us don’t have enough space in our houses to stockpile every literary work we’ve been meaning to read since 1720 – only the most ardent of collectors can ever achieve that. You don’t have to give up the hobby yet, though! Digital books (also known as e-books) of many popular works throughout the ages, as well as some exclusive modern works, will all fit snugly in your e-reader of choice, compressing an entire library down into your palm. If you never have the time to get around to finishing a chapter, many providers also supply audiobooks, allowing you to pop in your headphones while multi-tasking and listen to a melodious narrator reading it to you.


There are many new spins on old hobbies that have sprung up in the last few years, with many more right around the corner. Who knows how technology will change our leisure activities next? Perhaps one day you’ll be able to pop on a headset and take a guided tour of the Pyramids with other visitors. Or, perhaps you will be able to sing acapella and have a device immediately transcribe it, convert it into instrumental tracks, and play it back to you before publishing. Maybe one day we’ll download books right into our brains, saving the trouble of actually reading them! However the future changes, our old favorite hobbies will always be there in exciting new forms…so, hey, go get a hobby already!

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