How much is every member of the Royal Family reportedly worth?

When you’re part of the Royal Family, money worries aren’t really a thing. Your position alone affords you wealth that many people couldn’t even dream of. Not only that, but you also have the potential of one day becoming a king or queen which, of course, comes with its own set of bonuses. Granted, some people have a greater chance of ascending to the throne than others, but that’s a minor detail. Out of everyone in the Royal Family, though, who is it that’s worth more than anyone else?

[post_page_title]Prince William, Duke of Cambridge[/post_page_title]

Unless a tragic fate was to befall William in the coming years, we’ll almost certainly see him wearing the crown one day.

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

At second in line to the throne, it’s only his father who stands in the way of him becoming King, and we don’t see Charles reigning for quite as long as the Queen. When that day finally arrives, William will be bringing his $40 million fortune with him to Buckingham Palace. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if his wealth had increased dramatically by that point.

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