Man dusts off concrete found in the woods, sees it’s a 130-year-old tombstone for a pet bunny

Many people enjoy a nice walk through the woods every now and then. When the weather is nice and they just have to get outside, frolicking through some greenery is the perfect opportunity to get some fresh air and exercise. People can also often find interesting things while out walking. Some folks even collect things like rocks or unique leaves and flowers, while others like to leave nature as is.

One man, however, found something he never thought he would find while out and about one day. What appeared to be just a mossy piece of concrete actually turned out to be something much more meaningful. After returning the next day to clean up the site and see what exactly it was that he found, he discovered a grave for someone’s pet. Not only was it a grave, but the tombstone was actually dated about 130 years back.

[post_page_title]Stroll through the woods[/post_page_title]

When people go out for a walk, it is usually to just get out of the house. It is never a good idea to be cooped up inside all day, regardless of age. They say that a nice stroll outside, through the woods or to the park, can be exactly what a person needs every now and then.

In that way, humans are kind of like dogs. Walking outside really can be the cure to certain ailments though, so perhaps it makes sense why dogs love this activity so much. Sometimes everyone needs a little stress reliever to clear their mind and make them feel just a little but more relaxed.

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