Low-maintenance plants you can keep in your home with zero effort

Adding some plants into our home can be the perfect way to add a little life to our rooms. So what if you have a track record of not being able to keep them alive longer than the car ride home? Have no fear; these are some low-maintenance plants you can keep in your home with zero effort.

Chinese money plant

This plant is also known as the Pancake Plant thanks to its large, round leaves. Thankfully, these plants prefer to live in the shade or on windowsills with little light, but that’s not all. They only need watering once a week, and their offshoots make it easy to re-pot more plants.

Chinese money plant

Air plant

Believe it or not, but air plants don’t need any soil at all meaning there’s no worry about the level of nutrients in the dirt to keep this plant happy. All you need to do is dunk the plant in water for two-three hours around every 10 days to make sure they get enough.


Not only do aloe plants make a brilliant addition to many homes thanks to their unusual looks, but they also thrive in shady areas. This is because the plants need to be kept away from direct sunlight to thrive. Just make sure you soak them in water every one – two weeks to reap all the benefits of an aloe.


If you want to keep your yucca happy, then there’s one key ingredient: sun, sun, and even more sun than you could imagine. Yuccas only need a little water every now and then. However, they need to be planted in deep containers to ensure their weight doesn’t pull them over.

Spider plant

It takes somewhere with plenty of sunlight and watering this plant every week to make sure that your spider plant thrives in your home. The best bit? Their shoots grow incredibly quickly, meaning you can replant plenty of spider plants until your entire house is filled with them.

Christmas cactus

Of course, many cacti are perfect for people who want to have a house plant or two but often forget they are there. A Christmas cactus is like many other types as they only need a little watering every now and then. However, they are covered in purple, red, pink, or white flowers, meaning they can add a little color to the room, too.

Christmas cactus

Mother-in-law’s tongue

This can be a tough plant to end – even for those of us with a reputation for not being the best plant parent. Amazingly, mother-in-law’s tongues can go for up to a month without any water at all, while their stiff leaves will continue to stand tall in the corner of any room.

Cast-iron plant

If you want a plant that doesn’t want too much attention, then look no further. The cast-iron plant really does like to be left alone, but that’s only the beginning. The plants thrive in all kinds of soil types, can cope with a range of temperatures, and even survive with infrequent watering. It might not be long before your plant reaches its full 2-foot-high potential all without trying.

Many of us love to add a little color and life to our rooms, but it can be hard to keep on top of caring for your plants – especially when the rest of our lives get in the way. Thankfully, these low-maintenance plants can be kept in your home with zero effort but all the benefits.

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