What does it mean to be someone’s maid of honor?

What’s so special about being chosen as a maid of honor. The answer is, EVERYTHING! This centuries-old tradition is still one that is greatly revered to be that of its name, an honor. Above all others, the bride has chosen one person to help her with the most important day of her life. It’s a tradition that researchers think has been passed down from ancient Rome. What exactly does it mean to be a maid of honor? In this article, we are covering all the bases.

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Who should be chosen

The position is given to someone who is known by the bride on a very personal level. Like a close friend or a sister. In recent years, brides have even been choosing their mothers for the role. The maid of honor will be the bride’s closest confidant. Someone who is responsible, copes well under pressure, and will put the bride’s needs before her own will be the best choice.

Maid of honor roles

The build-up

What does this job entail? Maybe a little more than most people realize. The maid of honor will help the bride with organizing and decision making with the wedding preparations. She will also organize the kitchen tea and the bachelorette party as a final farewell to single life for the bride to be. Keeping the other bridesmaids organized is also a responsibility that falls on the maid of honor.

The Big Day

The wedding day is usually one of the crazy mayhem for the maid of honor, so be prepared for some stress. The bride will look to her maid of honor to assist her with anything and everything on the day. Wardrobe adjustments and keeping the bride hydrated and relaxed are very important. People under pressure can get snappy, so don’t take any snappy comments from the bride to heart, remember that this big day is all about her.

It is not the role of the maid of honor to have a big head and become a bossy monster. The other bridesmaids are there to help and polite delegation will go a long way for a smooth day.

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When it’s time for the show to begin, the bridesmaids will walk out first, then the maid of honor, then the flower girls and ring bearer, and then the bride. The maid of honor will hold the bride’s bouquet when necessary and will probably be asked to sign as a witness on the wedding license.

The maid of honor duties continue into the wedding reception. She will be expected to have a toast prepared for the newlyweds. The reception does allow time for the maid of honor to have some fun, but it’s still all about the bride and her every need. When it’s time for the first dance, the bride and groom will dance first, after that, the maid of honor dances with the best man to open the dance floor to everyone else.

While it is a great honor to be chosen for this role, it is better to put the bride first and be honest with yourself about your abilities to take on the responsibility. Someone who knows that they are already overcommitted, won’t have the time or simply doesn’t want the responsibility should be open and honest with the bride-to-be and turn down the offer.