How to know when you’re taking on too many responsibilities

It goes without saying that to be successful and achieve your goals in life, you have to work hard. You have to make sacrifices and push yourself beyond your comfort zone in order to get the good things in life. However, there comes a time when this hard work is no longer good for you.

Yes, it’s good to be able to take care of all your affairs, but at what cost should you be able to do that? You probably want to be in control of all facets of your life, but is this affecting the quality of your life?

You’ll hear many people nowadays giving being busy as an excuse to not be able to do other things, are you one of them? Here are pointers that will help you know when you’re taking on too many responsibilities.


Your sleep cycle is inconsistent

When you push your body and mind beyond its limits, your sleeping schedule is one of the first things that gets affected. You’ll find yourself either sleeping too much or not getting enough sleep, no matter how exhausted you feel. In addition, you’ll not feel refreshed on waking up, always feeling tired.

You become irritable and moody

Mental fatigue results in mood changes that leave you becoming easily irritated and having a short temper. You also find yourself getting angry quick, and find it hard to think clearly and thoroughly. If you find yourself acting like this all of a sudden, perhaps you’re exerting yourself too much.

You’re always tired

This is the most direct way in which your body will let you know that you’re taking on too many responsibilities. You’re likely always running up and down, moving from one task to another. If you do not get any down time between tasks, then you’re definitely doing too much. Wherever you work, you should be able to take breaks to allow you to refresh your body and mind.


You’re always busy

Being busy is not a bad thing, it’s what means you’re working hard to achieve your goals. Being busy all the time on the other hand should not be taken as something normal. When you’re busy throughout the week, it means you do not even have time to savor the fruits of your labor. What’s the use of earning lots of money if you don’t get to enjoy it or use it for things that you care about? If you’ve not been able to treat yourself to a little vacation all year round, then you’re certainly taking on too many responsibilities.

You’re always ill

Are you constantly plagued with headaches, colds and viral ailments? Do you have pains and aches that you can’t really explain away? If you are, these are signs that you’re doing way more than you should be doing.

Whatever responsibilities you have, they should not be too many that they leave you no personal time. Every day, you should be able to take at least an hour to relax and take a step back from daily obligations before taking a good night’s sleep.