How to know when it’s time to come home while traveling

Traveling can be incredible. It opens up new worlds, allows you to experience different cultures, and introduces you to new people. Many people dream of traveling, and when the day finally comes for them to go off on an extended trip, they are so excited to leave their daily life to see something new. And at first, it is everything they ever dreamed it would be.

The day may come, however, where the traveler suddenly realizes that they’re not enjoying it as much as they used to, and that it may even be time to head home. Travel burnout is a foreign concept to people who haven’t spent a lot of time on the road. It is a real phenomenon, and can truly affect anyone. Understanding when it is the right time to come home can also be quite tricky, especially if you haven’t completed all of your plans. Sometimes, however, heading home truly is the right choice.
Have a look at these signs of travel burnout and see if you exhibit any of these symptoms. If so, it might be time to pack up and go home – until the next trip, of course.

You start saying “I should” instead of “I want to”

When you finally venture out into the big world that’s outside your front door, there’s no set itinerary. You’re free to go anywhere you please whenever you’d like to. This leads to a lot of, “I want to visit the Louvre.” You can tell you’re itching from home when you start saying things like “I should visit the Louvre.” Saying I should signifies that you’ve begun forcing yourself to visit places. Remember that you do have the freedom to bring your trip to a satisfying finale, so don’t rush the end even if you feel like it’s coming.

You’re not taking many photos

There are so many interesting people and experiences all over the world that it’s impossible to remember them all. Most people take plenty of photos when they begin their trip and then find themselves taking fewer photos once the novelty of traveling starts to fade. It is a good thing to take in the sights without distractions such as a smartphone screen, however, it’s always nice to take an occasional snap. Not taking many photos is a signal that you’re ready to pack up and head home.

You feel tired

When all of the unique sights of the countries you’re visiting begin to blur together and you spend an entire day sleeping in at the hotel, you know that you’re experiencing travel fatigue. Fortunately, travel fatigue is very easy to cure. All you need to do after tiring yourself out by traveling as if you’re competing in a race is to take some time to rest. One of the least talked about aspects of traveling is that it’s quite draining.

You may not want to admit it, but sometimes it’s better to pack up and go home. The world will always be out there waiting for you to explore it. You don’t need to go out and see everything all at once. If you feel like you’ve had enough, there’s no shame in packing your bags, heading home and resting for a bit before heading back out to explore this beautiful planet.

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