What kind of foods have good fats in them?

Unsaturated fats, or good fats, are vital for many roles within our body. Plus, it’s shown they can help to reduce cholesterol alongside many other health benefits, so if you find yourself wanting some of the good fats, then it might be time to learn the foods that are packed full of the stuff.


Cheese lovers, unite! It’s time to grab a knife and cut into a slice of the good stuff thanks to all the benefits found in cheese. Not only is a slice of cheese a brilliant source of calcium thanks to the amount of milk used to make each slice, but it’s also filled with protein and good fats that have been linked to reducing our chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Does it get any better?

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Whole eggs

Many used to believe that egg yolks were the part to avoid thanks to all the fat and cholesterol, but it looks as though we could have been wrong all this time. That’s right; eggs are some of the most nutritionally dense foods on the planet as most of us aren’t affected by the cholesterol in the food while the vitamins and minerals found in eggs work to help the rest of our body, including our eyes and muscles.


Avocados have grown to become one of the most popular fruits on the planet thanks to social media. Thankfully, it seems there could be a reason for the hype after all. They are made up from around 77% fat, most of which is oleic acid that benefits many aspects of our health, such as our waistline, skin, brain, heart, and even our mood. The best bit? There is more potassium in an avocado than a banana.


There are many health foods on the market, and it looks a though nuts have been claiming their spot for many years. The snacks can be a perfect addition to many of our diets thanks to all their health benefits. As well as being packed full of good fats that help to lower our cholesterol and help keep our hearts healthy, nuts can also reduce our chances of developing diabetes in addition to giving us a boost of vitamins and minerals that many of us lack.

Chia seeds

It can sometimes feel as though chia seeds are everywhere we turn. They’re in our smoothies. They’re in our bowls. They’re in our bread. Will they ever leave us alone? Chia seeds are made from 80% fat which makes them ideal for anyone looking for a plant-based way to get good fat into their diet. Other added benefits from chia seeds are the fact they have anti-inflammatory properties and can help to lower our blood pressure, too.

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Some foods seem too good to be true. Others? They really are that impressive! Hearing the word “fat” has often seen us run to the hills, but it looks as though there might be good fat out there after all. They’re sure to help us put the balance back in our diet once and for all.

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