Kaindy lake is a ghostly underwater forest

Most of us have seen forests before. Most of us have seen lakes before. However, have you ever seen an underwater forest in a lake? Well, this isn’t something you see every day. Yet, if you were to make your way to Kaindy Lake in Saty, Kazakhstan, you’ll be able to see this in all of its glory. With tree trunks making their way out of the water and ghostly fauna floating about the depths of the lake, this scene is like something you’ve never seen before.

What caused the ghostly underwater forest?

It’s important to note that Kaindy Lake hasn’t always been there. In fact, it’s a relatively new addition to the Kazakhstan landscape. This large body of water can be traced back to 1911 when an earthquake caused destruction and devastation in the Tian Shan Mountains. This tremor caused a landslide that ultimately formed a natural dam and blocked off the water. As the years passed and more and more rain fell in the mountains, the water flooded the forest area and turned it into Lake Kaindy. The remnants of its former forest can still be seen today, as the drowned trees still stand tall in the ground and make their way out of the water. It’s an eerie sight, but one that gets even more unusual when fog makes its way over the surface in the mornings.

What lies underneath the surface of the water?

Although the scene above the water is one that looks almost supernatural, it gets even more incredible as you dip your head below the surface of the water and take in the underground lair. Thanks to the minerals in the water and low water temperature, the underwater trees have largely kept their shape and their structure. The tree trunks are still intact, and the leaves are still there in all of their glory. Thankfully, you don’t actually have to dunk your head to see this underwater ghost town, because the water in Lake Kaindy is so clear you can see the world below from above!

Do many people visit Lake Kaindy?

It should come as no surprise to learn that Lake Kaindy is a natural phenomenon, but what might surprise you is that this place rarely sees visitors. This lake is notoriously difficult to get to, even though it lies just a short way away from one of the biggest cities in the country. You’ll need to make your way over rough terrain and make your way up the mountains to see this ghostly underwater destination, and most people don’t bother. However, this isn’t the only thing damaging the tourist industry at Lake Kaindy. Kazakhstan is also home to the Kolsai Lakes and the Bolshoe Almatinskoe Lake, which are far more popular because they are easy to get to.

If you fancy checking out a ghostly underwater forest, then Lake Kaindy has everything you could possibly want. If you can find a way to travel over the gorge and see this for yourself, it’s well worth it.

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