Jobs that fit extroverts

Do you find yourself wanting to talk to new people? Perhaps your friends look to you to be the one leading the conversation? If you feel confident and want a career that fits your personality, then it could be time to take a job that fits extroverts.

Sales reps

Many companies rely on one thing: sales, sales, sales! This could be anything from a major corporation to vacation stores and everything in between. If you love to promote a product while getting the chance to meet new people every day, then it could be time to think about becoming a sales rep.


Event planners

Some of us love to make lists before making sure everyone else is on the same page. Being an event planner usually means you need to have good leadership and organizational skills to make sure that everyone is running to time. To top it off, you could form strong bonds with some people while also getting a variety of clients.

Flight attendant

Some of us long to travel the world. Sadly, not all of our bank accounts have the same idea. Thankfully, being a flight attendant means you get paid to do the thing you love. You’ll get to talk to new people with every flight as well as deal with the odd tricky customer or two along the way – something that can take a lot of confidence.

Life coach

Being a life coach means you need to get used to working with different people every day while understanding how to adapt your knowledge to each new client. They are in charge of helping people take control of their lives, but there is also plenty of behind the scenes tasks to make sure you’re prepared for every new day.


Do you enjoy getting your hands dirty while putting your knowledge to the test? If so, then you could find yourself falling for a career as a nurse. Of course, patients come first in this role, but that’s not all. Being a nurse also means learning when to take control of a situation as well as how to work as part of a diverse team.


Ah, yes. It turns out there is a career that means you get to put your creativity to good use while learning the ins and outs of your client’s lives. People often put their full trust in their hairdresser’s hands. The best bit? They typically get rewarded with some of the best gossip as a result.


Tour guide

Having a passion for history, traveling, or even just a certain area of the world are all great qualities for people who want to be a tour guide. Thankfully, being an extrovert should help to read the room and know how to tailor your tours and hopefully, give people the tour of their lives.


The limelight. The audience. The stage. These are all aspects of being an actor. Of course, actors need to learn their lines and how to take directions, but it’s all about knowing how to project yourself and own the stage if you want to make it to the top of the career ladder.

If you want to spread your confidence and love of being with others with the rest of the world, then it could be time to find a job that fits all your needs. These careers that fit extroverts are sure to give many a way to get all the interaction they need throughout the day.

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