Jimmy Fallon asks people for ‘I got caught’ moments and they are peak awkward

We’ve all been caught red-handed doing something we would rather have kept to ourselves. While you can look back and laugh about these moments, wouldn’t it be much more fun to laugh with others? That was the idea behind Jimmy Fallon’s #IGotCaught challenge, which has produced some pretty hilarious results.

[post_page_title]Job searching on the job[/post_page_title]

Looking for a new job is a job in itself, which is why we’re forced to multi-task by searching online at work. The key is to do it discreetly, like not going through your application responses right next to the HR lady.



We’re assuming her employer was less than amused with her using company time to look for an opportunity somewhere else. On the other hand, it’s motivation to score that new job and flee before things get even more awkward.

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