Ingredients you should always have in your kitchen

Whether you consider yourself a bit of a top chef or the idea of cooking fills you with dread, there are some ingredients you should always have in your kitchen. These ingredients will ensure you can pretty much whip up whatever you want at a moment’s notice, without having to turn to Uber Eats for the fifth time this week. It’s time to stock up and fill your kitchen with these ingredients!



Unless you’re vegan, eggs are some of the most delicious and versatile ingredients to keep in your kitchen. Even if you are vegan, there are now plenty of egg substitutes on the market that should keep you happy. If you have eggs in your kitchen, then you can whip up a number of dishes – from scrambled eggs through to omelets. You can even make cakes if you’ve got some flour, too. What’s not to love about eggs?!

Chicken or vegetable broth

If you’ve had a long day or are feeling a bit under the weather, then it might be time to make yourself some soup. Luckily, you can make soup with a chicken or vegetable broth, then just add anything lying around in your refrigerator or cupboards to bulk it up. Try adding in some noodles to chicken broth or just using up any veg with your veggie broth. You can also use broth to thin out any heavy sauces.


If you’ve got eggs and you’ve got flour, you basically have all of the ingredients to make a cake. Winner! However, flour is also useful for so many other things. You can make a batter for pancakes or use it to thicken up sauces. You can even use it to coat chicken before you fry it. Invest in some all-purpose flour for a bit of everything, and you’ll always be good to go.

Herbs and spices

If you don’t have at least a dozen different herbs and spices in your kitchen, then you don’t have a kitchen! The best thing about having a large variety of herbs and spices is that you can use them to jazz up any dish. Paprika can turn any piece of meat into a Mexican-flavored feast. Garam masala with some water is basically a curry paste. Oregano will turn everything Italian. Basically, it’s time to stock up!


Canned beans

Want a quick, cheap, and easy meatless meal? You’re going to want some canned beans, then! You can rustle up some really delicious vegetarian meals with a variety of different beans. Kidney beans are great for chili, baked beans are delicious with a poached egg on top, and butter beans work so well in a stew.

Frozen fruit and veg

It can be expensive to buy fresh fruit and vegetables all the time, especially if it then ends up going off because you didn’t cook it in time. When fruit and veggies are frozen, they retain more nutrients than the stuff you’d keep in your refrigerator. So, not only will you save yourself money by buying frozen, but they could actually be better for you too.

It’s time to head to the grocery store armed with this list, to make sure your kitchen is fully stocked. By keeping just these items at home, you’ll be able to make a meal no matter what. Although, you might just put Uber Eats out of business if you start cooking from scratch!

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