Hotels vs. apartments: which one is better for your vacation?

It’s all well and good knowing where you want to go on vacation, but do you know what accommodation you want to stay in? Your main options are usually renting an apartment or booking a room at a hotel. The question is, which of these is better?

Apartments are cheaper

Money must be funny in a rich man’s world, but for us, it’s no laughing matter. You probably want to try and save money wherever you can on your vacation, especially when it comes to accommodation. Aside from the travel, where you spend your nights is the most expensive part of your trip away. So, which option is best in this situation? More often than not, it’s the apartment. You can save yourself a lot of dough if you rent for the week, especially if there’s a group of you staying there.

Hotels clean up after you

We all have different preferences when it comes to cleanliness. Fortunately, even if you live like a slob, you never have to worry about lifting a finger when you stay at a hotel. There’s nothing quite like coming back to your room after a day exploring the local area to find everything’s back in its rightful place. It might make you feel lazy having all this work done for you while you enjoy yourself, but who’s the one on vacation here? Yeah, it’s you.

Apartments are in better areas

When it comes to hotels, you’re relatively limited in where you can stay. These establishments are generally found in the busiest parts of town because that’s where they get the most business. However, that might not necessarily appeal to you. If you want a taste of what it’s like to live wherever it is you’re vacationing, an apartment will suit you better. These places tend to be a little out of the way, giving you a more authentic experience as you enjoy your home away from home.

Hotels offer everything in one package

Want to go for a drink? The hotel has that. What about a three-course meal? It has that as well. A dip in the pool? The chances are it probably has that too. If you wanted, you could spend your entire vacation in the hotel and never get bored. While these places might offer little variety, they make things easier for anyone staying there. For some people, going on vacation means taking a break from everything. In these cases, a hotel is perfect.

Apartments allow more privacy

No-one really wants to share their vacation with anyone other than the people they travel with. Getting that level of privacy can be difficult when you stay in a hotel, but it’s a lot easier when you rent an apartment. Even if you’re still surrounded by people in the block, the homely feel of the place you’re staying at more than makes up for that.

Whether you should stay in an apartment or hotel is entirely dependent on the kind of vacation you’re after. We all have different preferences, so you just have to consider what it is you want out of your break.

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