Hotel or hostel? Depends what you’re looking for

If you’re planning your next big travel adventure, you’re probably trying to get to grips with your accommodation. After all, you need somewhere to rest your head after a long day of sightseeing! Nowadays, it’s so easy to book your flights and a hotel in a travel package. You don’t have to worry about searching for the right hotel for you, and you don’t have to worry about separate bookings. It’s simple, right? Well, it’s always best to weigh up your options before booking anything solid for your next travel trip. This is because you need to decide what works best for you. Will it be a hotel, or will it be a potentially more cost-effective hostel?

Are you a backpacker or a tourist?

When deciding whether you want to book a hotel or a hostel, you first need to decide what kind of traveler you are. Are you a backpacker? Or are you a tourist? If you’re a tourist and want to stay in the same city for a whole week to see what the destination has to offer, it’s probably best that you stay in a hotel. They are normally centrally located, they may offer day trips and discounts, and they are normally popular with other tourists. However, if you’re a backpacker, it makes more sense to lay your head down in a hostel. This way, you can stay for one night, one week, or even one month, and it’s normally no issue. Hotels were made for backpackers!

Are you traveling alone or with your significant other?

You’ve booked your flights, but who have you booked them with? Have you taken the plunge and decide to go on a solo trip around the world, or are you traveling to a brand new destination with your significant other, family member or friend? If you’re traveling with someone else, it makes more sense to stay in a hotel. This way, you can have your own space, and you can enjoy each other’s company without having other people to worry about. If you are traveling alone, hostels are your best bet. Most hostels offer dorm rooms that can be full of people from around the world. By staying in a hostel, you can mingle with people with similar views to you, and you can make new friends. Who knows, you might even find a brand new travel partner.

Are you looking for luxury or budget quality?

The biggest decider when it comes to the hostel/hotel debate is whether you are looking for luxury or budget quality. If you’re looking for luxury, you should always stay in a hotel. You know exactly what to expect from these hotels by their star-ratings, most of them come with their own bathrooms, and they all offer little-added extras. We’re talking about room service, turn-down service, and cleaning services. Of course, staying in a hotel will always cost you more because of these added extras, so it’s important that you know this before booking. If you find that you don’t have as much money to spend on a hotel as you would like, why not go for the budget option? Hostels can be as cheap as $10 a night for basic necessities. You will share a bathroom, you will share a dorm, and you’ll be lucky if you get a free breakfast thrown in, but they are a helluva lot cheaper than hotels.

Are you torn between booking a hotel or a hostel for your next getaway? Well, you first need to decide what you want from your travel experience. Once you’ve decided what you want, you can decide how you’re going to get it…

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