Hilariously resentful people who are definitely not friends with their exes

Most of us have at least one ex we’re still harboring hostile feelings towards. These people didn’t even try to hide what they really think of their former partners, and in hilarious ways went ahead and flaunted their resentment to the world.

[post_page_title]Swiftly dealt with[/post_page_title]

When this girl’s ex was bitter over their breakup, and couldn’t let it go, he started comparing her to Taylor Swift for some reason (we would take that as a compliment, to be honest).

Swiftly dealt with

But this girl cleverly used his comparison against him, and when returning a ring he had given her during happier days of their relationship, she used the lyrics of one of Taylor’s most famous songs to really drive home the message of how over they were. Just shake it off, man.

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