Helpful hints on how to host a dinner party

A dinner party is a wonderful way to spend time with friends; sharing great food, drinks, and conversation. For those wanting to host a sublime swareé at their homes, we have compiled all there is to know about hosting the perfect dinner party.

Invites and atmosphere

The very first step of any dinner party is to plan who will be allowed to attend. Anyone new to hosting dinner parties or not used to cooking large quantities of food, four to six guests is a great place to start. Since these types of parties are more intimate, think about inviting sets of couples or close friends with a ‘new face’ or two. This will help keep the atmosphere fun and the conversation going when the host is off in the kitchen.

Other factors to consider when planning the atmosphere include incorporating a theme, music playlists, and entertainment such as a game or activity before dinner.

Determining when the party will take place is also important, as Fridays and Saturdays mean everyone can let loose and enjoy themselves. Send out the invites between two and three weeks ahead so everyone can ensure their schedules allow for it. Don’t forget to ask about dietary restrictions and remind them of the theme if it is a dress-up party.


Planning and preparation

Once the guests have confirmed their attendance and clarified their dietary restrictions, it’s time to plan the menu. Factors to consider include seasonal vegetables, dish presentation and garnish, as well as what types of food and desserts can be prepared the day before or the morning of the dinner party. The latter step is to ensure the actual cooking process is as stress-free as possible.

If the purpose of our dinner party is to showcase some culinary skills, it’s a good idea to serve a dish that we have had experience cooking before so the evening is less stressful. If the vibe is less formal, try preparing a series of delectable tapas for the table to share.

Create a shopping list that has all of the menu ingredients, garnish, snacks, beverages, and ice. Additional things to purchase include decorations to match the theme as well as candles, flowers, placemats, and more.

Once the shopping is completed, it’s time for the food preparation. Whatever dishes we may be serving; now is the time to peel and chop the vegetables, marinate the meat, prepare the garnish and sauce station, and ideally make the dessert. Once again, this can be done the day before or the morning of to save time.

Set up and decoration

While the pots are bubbling away, the roast is in the oven, or the dessert is setting; now is the time to set up and decorate. Ensure that all of the crockery, cutlery, glasses, serving trays, and linens have been washed beforehand. Set the table with the appropriate settings, using runners and placemats to add some color or align to the theme. Add pitchers or water bottles on the table as well as additional decorations such as candles, accents, and flowers.

Next, make sure that the rooms the guests will be using, such as the living room and bathroom, are clean and fully stocked. Also, be sure that the trash has been taken out and that the sink or dishwasher is open for any dishes that may accumulate throughout the night.

After getting dressed and ready for the evening, we suggest lighting the candles, putting on the first playlist, and taking a few minutes for yourself to relax before the guests arrive.


Don’t forget to have fun!

As the host, it will be a busier night for us than it will be for our guests. Between popping into the kitchen, checking up on food, plating, etc. it can be pretty easy to get caught up in the stress of the situation! But don’t forget why the dinner party is happening in the first place; it’s an opportunity to connect with some friends and have some fun!

We hope these tips will be able to help anyone looking to host a delightful dinner party. Enjoy the evening and good luck!

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