The correct way of applying sunscreen

We cannot stress how important sunscreen is. Even in this day and age, people are still applying it wrong, which is astonishing. Sunscreen could help prevent a lot of diseases and skin conditions, so it is super important that you apply it correctly. Here are a few handy tips to remember when applying sunscreen in the summer months.

Lay it on thick

You might think that using SPF 30 sunscreen gives you better protection than that of SPF 15, but unless you apply it correctly, that isn’t always the case. In fact, you might even be getting as little as SPF 10 out of it. To apply it correctly, you should use around two ounces for your body, making sure to cover all areas exposed to the sun. You should use roughly a tablespoon for your face, and it is common to use a stronger SPF. So be sure to follow these tips if you want to make sure you’re not looking like a lobster after your next holiday.

The correct way of applying sunscreen


People tend to apply sunscreen by blobbing it into their hands and then rubbing it onto their face after, but doing this means some of the sunscreen is absorbed into your hands, and your face isn’t getting the full benefit of the product. You should apply it by dotting it directly onto your face to help avoid the needless waste. This definitely gets you the most out of your sunscreen.

First up

Nowadays, everyone uses a moisturizer to keep their skin healthy, but when you’re using it in conjunction with sunscreen, it’s best to make sure you always put your sunscreen on first, applying it directly onto dry, clean skin. This method provides the best protection, but it is far less important when you are using sunscreens that contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as a base.

Use sunscreen daily

Sunscreen is often overlooked, as people only ever tend to think about it when they are going to the beach or swimming. However, the sun isn’t only working part-time. Most days you will be exposed to the sun when you’re just going about your everyday life, whether that means eating lunch in the office with the window open, letting sunlight into the room, or walking to town to pick up some last-minute groceries. Dermatologists have said that sun exposure is mostly casual, and daily application is essential.


Have you ever thought ‘I’m going out now, I’d better get some sunscreen on and leave’? Well, what most people don’t know is that you won’t have the protection you expect from the sun the minute sunscreen has been applied. Chemical sunscreens take about 20 minutes to be absorbed into the skin, and before that it won’t be providing you with any protection at all. So make sure to plan ahead and give your sunscreen plenty of time to soak in.

The correct way of applying sunscreen

Reapply, reapply, reapply

The key when applying sunscreen is to reapply every 90 minutes. The funny thing about sunscreen is that when it is exposed to sun, it becomes weaker – ironic, right? This means that the formula, no matter how effective, will simply stop working after a long time in the sun. Therefore, when you are applying sunscreen, you always need to remember to reapply. Just one application of the stuff isn’t enough for all day.

The thing with sunscreen is that a lot of people still aren’t using it, or aren’t using it correctly, at least. If you spend a long time in the sun, this can create health complications that will last a lifetime. So, next time you go out in the sun without sunscreen, thinking you might get a nice tan, remember: a tan lasts a few weeks, a skin condition from the sun can last a lifetime. You can have fun in the sun, but do it safely.