How to get through the day after a poor night’s sleep

A sleepless night shouldn’t necessarily translate into a restless day. That may sound like an impossible thing to pull of when you’ve spent the entire night with your eyes wide open and endless tossing in bed, but it’s possible. A sleepless night will definitely leave you feeling energiless and groggy in the morning. It’s easy to feel that your day will be a waste when you wake up feeling like this. After all, how you start the morning dictates how the rest of your day will go.

The good news is that if you make a decision to kick off your morning in a positive manner and keep it that way throughout the day no matter how tired and stressed out you feel, you can make your day a contrast of how your night was. Below find some tips on how to get through the day after a poor night’s sleep.


Drink water the moment you wake up

Before you do anything else, drink up at least two glasses of water. Water gets your body and mind running after a night’s rest by getting rid of toxins and improving blood flow. It’ll even be more useful if your night was not restful. Drinking water throughout the day will also keep you alert and feeling energized.

Take a cold shower

There’s nothing that’s sure to jolt you into alertness like a cold or slightly lukewarm shower. A shower will leave you feeling physically refreshed and help get rid of feelings of exhaustion and grogginess.

Eat breakfast

A nutritious breakfast will ensure that you feel better throughout the day. Ensure it’s packed with fruits and a drink that will give you a healthy dose of vitamins and proteins to give you the energy to get through the day.


You’re probably feeling energiless and like sitting or lying around all day. Walking around will however do you more good. This an easy way of getting an energy boost. It will also help clear your mind and help you concentrate better.


Avoid caffeine

When you’re feeling sleep deprived, you’ll probably think of getting coffee to become more alert. A cup of coffee may actually help, but anything more than that will give you a temporal boost before you start feeling tired and sleepy again. Also, do not drink within six hours of your bedtime because it’ll lead to another night of poor sleep.

Avoid napping

The temptation to take a nap during the day is very strong when you’ve not had much sleep the previous night. There’s an idea that sleeping during the day will help you recover lost sleep, but this is not the case. The only way you can get enough sleep is by ensuring that you get it the following night. Instead of making you feel rested and less sleepy, a daytime nap that lasts more than 30 minutes will only leave you feeling so much more groggier. If you have to nap, make it a short power nap, that might actually help.

Sticking to your normal sleep schedule will eventually help you get back to peaceful and restful nights.

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