How to get away with the kooky mismatched earrings trend

The fashion world is an ever changing one, and you have to stay on top of it if you don’t want to be left behind. Fashion involved many things and not just the crazy clothes you see on the runway. Fashion also includes the accessories you add to your outfit, and it has even been said that they can make or break an outfit. Right now the kooky mismatched earrings trend is a thing, and you need to get behind it now because it’s a pretty cute trend. There is a method to the madness though; we can’t be putting just any ol’ pair of earrings together.

How to get away with the kooky mismatched earrings trend

Change the lengths

This is a real chic mismatched earring hack and works really well if you do it right. Having a longer earring on one ear stands out and adds a bit of flair to the look you’re going for, designers have even suggested this to celebrities. You can play around with what suits you best, whether you have a stud in one ear and a super-long dangly earring in the other or you prefer to keep it slightly more subtle. Whatever works best for you! We think the more obvious, the better!

Stick to one theme

While it may be tempting to go all out wearing one beautiful jeweled earring alongside a fabric-based earring, it will look pretty odd. The best advice we can give when it comes to putting together mismatched earrings is to stick to the same theme. This means it will look good as well as kooky. There are plenty of ways you can make this work, whether it’s with a jazzy themed set of emoji earrings or the crazy chunky jeweled look; play around with the order but don’t play around with the theme.

Keep to the color scheme

It may seem like your options are becoming more and more limited, but they’re really not, this is just how it goes. If you stick with the same color scheme then you will be winning with the kooky mismatched earrings look, it also looks like it’s been done more on purpose and keeping with trending fashion statements, rather than chucked on in the early morning, after a rough night, without looking inside your jewelry box! The more you limit how many colors you wear on your ears, the less you need to limit the colors you wear on your clothes; if you are strict with the color of your earrings, the less likely you are to clash with pretty much everything else.

Keep to the color scheme

Find a set

There are an abundance of stores that sell earrings in sets that all keep within the same theme but vary in some stylistic feature. If you buy a pack that has a variety of 12, then you have a whole plethora of earrings to mismatch together! If you go rooting around your jewelry box, you’ll probably find loads of earrings that have a lost sibling anyway!

Whatever you decide, the most important thing is to choose a style that suits you best, so get those earrings out, sit in front of a mirror and get mismatching!

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