Fun theme parties to plan for your friends

A themed party can turn a normal get together into a wildly fun and memorable event. A themed party also makes the event exciting and the number of no shows will be fewer, unless of course there is a very good reason not to attend. If you are planning a casual get together with your friends, or just want to celebrate your birthday in style, here are a few fresh ideas for a themed party.

Fun theme parties to plan for your friends

Letter dinner party

What’s not to love about dinner parties? There is an abundance of food, laughs, and great stories shared around the table. For the next dinner party, add a twist to the menu. Instead of cooking the meals yourself, turn it into a letter themed dinner party. Send an invite to your guests and request that each one bring a starter, dessert, main, or side dish of their choice along. The catch is, the dish they bring must start with the same letter as their name. For example, Rebbeca could bring a ravioli dish, Steven could bring sweet potato pie, and Jennifer could bring along some jalapeño dip. The results will make for a very interesting mix of dishes.

Backyard Olympics

A backyard Olympic themed party will spark the competitive streak in all your guests. It doesn’t have to be actual Olympic sports unless your yard is big enough and you have all the equipment – we are talking about fun “childhood” games. A few examples would be an egg-and-spoon race, potato sack race, bean bag ladder toss, and water balloon dodgeball. Get creative with the rules, wearing athletic costumes, and some adult appropriate prizes.


You don’t need to wait for someone’s birthday or anniversary to throw a party. Sometimes it’s just nice to throw a party in honor of good friendship, which is what Friendsgiving is all about. Invite a few of your closest friends over to enjoy a feast. Go all out and set the table in your finest dinnerware, make table place cards, and burn some candles. Don’t be shy to bring out the old photo albums either, it’s a great time to reminisce with your friends and talk about all the wild and funny situations you have been in together.

Fun theme parties to plan for your friends

Yearbook costume party

This is a great theme for close friends who have known each other since high school and not afraid to hop back in time for one evening. The just of the part is that everyone should come dressed as their yearbook picture (or similar, unless you still fit into the same jeans). Dust off the scrunchies, crimp your hair, and don’t be shy to bring out those shoulder pads!

Camp out

Turn your backyard into the ultimate campsite, or glamp site if you prefer. Get a bonfire going, layout some camping chairs, and cooler boxes. You can hang LED string lights in the trees for added ambiance. Set up a table outside with treats that everyone enjoys while camping. Crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate are a must, a s’more is synonymous with camping! If you have a projector, play a few classic movies like Breakfast At Tiffanys, Grease, or E.T.

These themes are sure to get your guests buzzing with excitement. It’s time to send out some invites and get the party started!

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