A French Girl’s guide to bangs

All around the world French women are known for their natural beauty and glowing skin that needs little to no makeup. They’re also known to be trendsetters in fashion and beauty. So what’s the latest trend now? Bangs are most definitely the latest beauty trend and every girl wants them. You don’t have to be French to pull off the look though. You could try to cut it yourself or better yet, ask your stylist to give you the French-girl-next-door look.

A French Girl’s guide to bangs

What are French-girl bangs anyway?

Fench-girl bangs are not just any ordinary fringe, as you may have gathered. What makes them unique is that they are thicker and fuller than any other kind of fringe. They are cut long enough to rest just along your eyebrows or even a little longer – the length depends on your own taste. And the hair sits perfectly across your forehead. Because they’re all the rage at the moment, you’ve almost certainly seen your favorite celebrities showing them off at red carpet events.

Time to get some bangs!

If you’re wanting a change of hairstyle and love the French-girl bangs, then you could try cut it yourself. The key is to use a good pair of scissors, and cut your hair when it’s dry so you can see just how much you’re cutting. Once you’re happy with the length, you can start molding your bangs by chipping up into the hair vertically. A D.I.Y. cut isn’t for everyone, so if that’s you, then book an appointment with your stylist and let them do what they do best. They’ll know that in order to get that look your bangs need to be feathered and not dead-straight.

How to turn your existing fringe into French-girl bangs

Like with most girls, you would’ve noticed how your fringe looks amazing and stays in place for all of 10 minutes. Combine it with humidity, wind, and sweat, and you have yourself a flat, unruly fringe. So how can you turn your regular bangs into stylish bangs effortlessly? We’ve asked a French hairstylist and we learned that it’s pretty simple, as it’s all in the styling.

A French Girl’s guide to bangs

You should always use a heat protectant spray on wet hair before using a blow dryer. This will help protect your hair from drying out and from split ends. Use some clips to pin your hair back and only leave your fringe forward. Use a round brush and pull your fringe away from your face as you blow-dry from underneath. Then do the same motion but pull your hair backward now, as this will add volume. You can also use a volumizing spray before blow drying if you think you’ll need the extra volume. Then unclip the rest of your hair and do the same to the side bangs that were clipped back. To ensure that you keep this look in place you can apply a finishing spray. Make sure you don’t spray too much too close to the hair because you still want to have a smooth, soft look.

If you prefer to leave your bangs wavy, then there’s no need to blow dry with a round brush, just air dry your hair and voilà, effortless and gorgeous French bangs! To keep your bangs looking fabulous you’ll need to go for a trim regularly. It’s that easy!

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