Fostering vs. adopting pets

Fostering vs. adopting pets can be a huge decision. After all, we could be about to welcome a new member to the family. However, there are some significant differences between fostering and adopting, and they could have some major effects on our life.

Fostering a cat

Fostering a cat is often a lot different to fostering a dog as cats usually need to be cared for when they’re kittens or a mom with kittens compared to an older cat on their own. The result? Fostering a cat typically means that we will be taking in many at once – and they could need a lot of help and attention to make sure they make it to full health. This could involve making sure that momma cat is kept warm and healthy as she cares for her little ones, or having to step in with bottle feeds before moving onto special food when they are ready.

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Adopting a cat

So what is the difference between fostering and adopting a cat? Fostering means that we will be looking after them until an owner steps up to take them into their home. However, adopting a cat means they will become a permanent part of your family. Many cats looking for their forever homes might have already belonged to someone who has passed away or be kittens that were abandoned. However, adopting an older cat means that we already know their personality, which can take away any surprises that come with taking on a younger kitten.

Fostering a dog

Fostering a dog is typically thought to be less work than fostering a cat, but there are still plenty of responsibilities that come with taking on such a big responsibility. Puppies might need to be cared for if they are too young to have been taken from their mother, meaning that feeds throughout the day or night might be on the cards. Plus, puppies will need to start their training as soon as they are ready. This means everything from socializing to house training and everything in between. Older dogs might need to have socialization with others if they have come from troubled backgrounds or might need specialist housing to help them prepare for a new life with a family.

Adopting a dog

Just like adopting a cat, adopting a dog means that we can help to change an animal’s life as we welcome them in as part of our family. Adopting an older dog means that we’ll know how big they will grow as well as what they will look like and how much energy they have. Taking away the surprise of it all can help to make sure that both you and your dog are ready for your new lives together. However, you might need to be prepared to continue the training the foster home has done to make sure that your dog is prepared for a life in the rest of the world. Thankfully, many adoption centers will continue to work closely with the animals they see go through their care.

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Fostering animals means you get to take on a host of different furry friends as you help them prepare for the next stage of their life with their new family. However, if you don’t want to say “goodbye” to your new friends and want a permanent addition to your home, then it could be time to think about adopting a pet instead.

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