What to wear on your first date

First dates are always thrilling. There is the excitement of going out with the man or woman of your dreams combined with the usual jitters. But of course, it is a great opportunity to meet someone, engage in a refreshing chat, and do something out of the ordinary.

Girls always dress to impress. For guys, dressing up on first dates might not seem like much. It is often acceptable just to throw on a nice shirt and some good-fitting jeans. For women, however, first dates are a completely different scenario. This means picking out the perfect dress for the occasion, and finding accessories and makeup that match the outfit. If you are heading out for a first date, then here are some tips on what to wear.

Choose colors that look good on you

Certain colors suit certain people extremely well. When you are on a first date, you don’t want to take chances. Try going with colors that you have received compliments for, or that you know flatter your complexion. It is a foolproof way to make sure that your outfit suits your personality.

What to wear on your first date

Choose something comfortable

First dates are already nerve-wracking on their own – you don’t want to add the pain of being uncomfortable to that. Choose outfits that are elegant yet comfortable. Not very fond of the idea of wearing towering heels? Just put on a pair of nice, classy flats. They are always in fashion and quite comfortable to walk in.

Choose an outfit that suits the type of date

You don’t wear jeans and a tee shirt to a classy restaurant, nor do you wear a cocktail dress for a simple dinner at a burger shack. Always dress for the occasion. Choose formal wear when the environment is formal. Black dresses are a lifesaver – they look good in both formal and informal settings. All you need to do is change your accessories to suit the style you are going for.

For a formal event, you can simply pair your black dress with some diamond earrings, brightly colored evening shoes, a clutch, and a French twist for your hair. For an informal environment, pair your dress with some funky jewelry, a pair of hoops, and flats or pumps. You can let your hair down for the evening.

Choose your accessories

Your accessories are what completes your outfit, and you need to give them some thought. Jewelry, sunglasses, bags, footwear – everything matters, and the right combination of accessories will create the perfect impression. Choose classy accessories and try to stay away from anything that is too tacky or gaudy. Remember, simple and elegant is the key.

What to wear on your first date

Carry a jacket

A jacket can be paired with any outfit, be it jeans, skirts or dresses. In addition to making a style statement, a jacket is an excellent backup in case of a faux pas. If your dress suddenly gives way, or you notice a small tear that you can’t do anything about, your jacket has got you covered for the rest of your date.

Go easy with the makeup

Girls often love their makeup, but when going on a first date, it is important to go easy on it. You don’t want your date to be focusing on the hardened mascara at the corner of your eyes. Apply a light layer of foundation, a nice shade of lip color, and maybe line your eyes with some eyeliner – that should do the trick.