Wardrobe investment pieces that’ll last for years

Fashion is an ever-changing industry, with a new style every season and certain items gaining popularity for brief intervals. However, there are items you can add to your wardrobe that will last forever, or close to it. As we as people change, so do our interests and styles. However, even with a personal style-change, there’s little doubt these essential wardrobe-musts will come in handy on plenty of occasions, whether it’s for convenience or suitability. So, what are these magical all-rounders that you need to add to your wardrobe immediately?

The Black Blazer

If you don’t already own one, then you need to find one asap. Blazers are amazing for turning a casual outfit into a sophisticated chic, making a smooth transition between day wear and evening wear. It’s also brilliant for those on a budget, as blazers can go with practically anything, you won’t need to keep purchasing new outfits every time you go out. Simply change what’s underneath, whether it’s jeans and a smart blouse, anything goes.

Photo: Unsplash.com


We’re living in a world where leggings, jeggings, and sweatpants are taking over, but the quality and diversity of a good pair of jeans is truly underrated these days. While we don’t blame people for the shift, it’s certainly a more comfortable option, but it does mean people are overlooking an essential wardrobe item. All you need is one very good pair of nice fitting jeans, the better the quality, the longer they will last. They will also look fantastic with your new blazer. Jeans have stood the test of time, and are a simple, smart choice to a timeless wardrobe.

Little Black Dress

Everyone goes on about owning a little black dress, but there’s a good reason for it. Fast fashion brands want to recreate all the wild, wacky and wonderful dresses celebrities are wearing, but they soon lose their appeal, and people wake up and realize it was a terrible choice, to begin with. You only need one, and if you choose a classic style, then the more versatile it’s used. Whether it’s a work party, a birthday or a hen-do, the little black dress will suit most formal occasions.

Black heels

Now, it might appear as if we’re obsessed with black, and it’s because we are. The color black will go with everything, and you can always spruce the outfit up with colorful accessories, blouse, dress and so on; it’s the essential pieces that need to remain neutral. These black heels will add elegance to any outfit, simple and stylish, they will go with anything, and they will never go out of style.

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One tailor-fitted shirt or blouse

You can get this in any color you want, and we’re not recommending black for this one. In fact, a really popular color is light blue and seems to remain timeless. These will always look fantastic, and shirts are brilliant because they are perfect for day, night, dinner, parties, the office and so much more. They’re reasonably comfortable to wear too! Nothing can replace a decent shirt.

No matter your style, these items will complement your wardrobe, pairing with almost anything to create a unique outfit each time.