Tie-dye is back – here’s how to wear it

Fashion can be a funny goose, eh? What’s in one minute might soon end up at the back of the closet. However, it might be time to dig out all those old threads as tie-dye is back – and here’s how to wear it.

Use neutral prints

Tie-dye can often be the defining print from the outfit. It can be easy to try and brighten up the rest of your look to match. However, using neutral prints throughout the rest of your outfit will help contrast your tie-dye and make it stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, less really can be more.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Keep things simple

The same goes for textures when it comes to completing your tie-dye look. Even textures such as corduroy or velvet can take away from the boldness of your tie-dye. Thankfully, denim, plain pants, and simple purses can all give you the additions you need without losing the bright print along the way.

Layer it up

Perhaps you want a way to work tie-dye into your everyday look? Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about heading out and buying entire new outfits just because you want to keep on trend. Slipping a top over a fitted dress or wearing it under a pair of dungarees can be an excellent way to work the pattern into your look without going over the top.

Polish your look

Believe it or not, but tie-dye can be the perfect pattern to wear to the office. No, you don’t have to stand out from the crowd to be on trend. All you need to do is complete your look with some polished pieces to make yourself look ready for any business meeting that comes your way. Smart coats, fitted pants, or a blazer might be all you need to dominate the office.

Mis-match your prints

Some of us love to laugh in the face of fashion. If you want to tell the world that you’re ready to wear tie-dye, then you show them how serious you really are. Yes, mismatching patterns can be just as fashionable as if you were to choose one key piece for your tie-dye.

Photo: Unsplash.com

Keep relaxed

Tie-dye isn’t for people who are uptight and worried about what other people will be thinking of them in their new look. Sometimes, wearing a trend and bringing it to life is all about embracing the lifestyle, too. Breathe, relax, and chill out with your new style.

Break it up

We’ll be honest; tie-dye might be a lot to handle as soon as you start to wear the pattern. That’s where simple colors and accessories come into play. A plain purse can help to break up the pattern along your profile while a wide belt can cut your pattern straight across the middle.

Tie-dye is a pattern that has come in and out of fashion many times. The best bit? It looks as though it’s making yet another comeback as more and more people are falling for the pattern. It might not be long before you find yourself showing everyone else how its worn.